Poems on Gandhi

Yes, I am Gandhi

By Nhlanhla "Gandhi" Sikosana

Born on a special day
When the whole world comes together
To rejoice for another year
Another year is no more and
Another one imminent.

What is your foresight
In this coming year?
Who else will achieve greatness
Who else will achieve grand things
In this approaching year?

Mahathma came to this earth
And planted some everlasting seeds
Seeds of love, joy, and freedom
He changed the karma of humanity
He was called Gandhi, yes Mahathma.

Some say he was born of Indian descent,
I simply say he was born of humanity
He was a selfless and gallant leader,
He taught the world to resist oppression
He did it with love, meekness and humility.

When he was assassinated his body died
But his spirit never died with him
He unselfishly gave it to me and
Said give it to the whole world and ask:
Why does humanity still kill each other?