Poems on Gandhi


Such a man in flesh and blood,
Ever walked the earth,
This is the Bapu of our Bharat,
This is the Gandhi for the world.
The small boy from Porbandar,
With Kasturba he became a crusader,
They both led a devoted life,
To serve the country as a man and wife.
They worked as a team,
To sweep the country clean,
Of the British and their goods,
And in keeping the Swaraj moods.
His needs were few,
His soul very true,
His purpose only 'one',
To unite India as one.
Driving away the British raj,
Giving India the swaraj,
Truth, Ahimsa and non-co-operation,
All were his only weapons.
Reading Ruskin "Unto This Last",
Journeying in the Train to Durban,
His thinking changed from the past,
To awake for the world rising new dawn.