Poems on Gandhi

Our Beloved Bapu

He, the saint of Peace and Nonviolence,
Taught the world at large;
That hatred and violence
Bring nothing else but curse,
“Rise, awake and shake off the slavery”
He called his countrymen, far and near,
And lo! The mighty empire shook
To quit India for ever.
“God is Truth and Truth is God”
What he preached and believed -
That human race is one -
Without any cast and creed,
He, the Father of the Nation, uplifted
All “son of God“ from woe,
Himself worked and set examples,
So that oppression must go
His love, piety and kindness,
Conquered the heart of people.
Without any wealth and kingdom,
He was the King of one and all.
Evil bullet pierced his body,
But not his immortal soul.
Let us bow and take pledge-
his ideals will always be our goal.
Thank you.