Poems on Gandhi

My Father

By Karpagam

Truth was your way of Life.
Peace, Love and Unity,
Always close, to your heart.
Plain, clean simplicity
Your power and your armor
Gentleness of Ahimsa,
Your strength and your weapon
You won the war of hatred,
With, pure true affection!
And smiled away as clear
As a shiny simple crystal
I worship thee my father.
Noble Father of my Nation!
I gain hope over despair
When I think of your words
My dear humble soul
That said,
Truth is the only truth.
I sense love for hatred
When I see thy elegant smile
I rejoice amid of sorrow,
In your picture on the wall.
Gods do come down to earth,
And live amongst the mankind.
I have pride, in witnessing the fact
I see God in you my father!
But, realizing the truth
Hands and heart that
Cared for me, are not around
Makes me cry, at times
I tremble, in a throbbing fear!