Poems on Gandhi

Glory of India

O land of Central India!
Bengal and Bihar fair!
O Glorious land of Gujarat
With whom shall I compare?
Madras! Maharashtra! Saurashtra!
And Rajputana great!
You all have done your duty
In lifting national weight.
We Hindu! Jain and Muslim!
Parsi! Jew! Buddhist!
Christian! Sikh and Brahmin
Children of the east.
Purified by Ganges
Keep your spirits high
And save your dear old India
And raise a joyous cry!
For so proclaim shastra
Where duty is the goal,
There victory must be follow
To crown the glorious soul.
But if we are divided
There surely lies our fall
In Union lies our safety
As known as each and all.
Then up United India
And make your country bright
In doing one's duty
There shan't be fear and fright.