Poems on Gandhi


To our great country,
Let u pay homage,
Let us all get together,
And hear Bapu's message,
Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians,
Remember you all are Indians,
India is your motherland,
And unity is your strength.
Saffron, white and green hues,
Flutter in the heavenly blues,
Love, Peace and Equality,
Was his message to humanity,
Hear no evil, See no evil,
Speak no words untrue,
"Satyameva Jayate"
Should be your motto too.
North, South, East or West,
No matter where you stay,
Do your duty come what way,
Do it day by day,
No ones high, nor anyone low,
Let us all barriers of castle throw,
And treat all men as equals,
Who are God's creations,
Like me and you.
Little children though we are,
Let us all pledge today,
With Satya, Ahimsa as our theme,
We will fulfill Bapu's dream.