Poems on Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

By Vijayalakshmi K.

Friends, today we come together
To salute a saint, nay a father,
Staying in an ashram in Sabarmati,
Bapu taught us to have strength through unity.

His smile had serenity,
And his actions had severity.
“Practise what you preach” was his maxim,
Truth and honesty were his realm.

Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are all one,
This is what we have to remember,
If we want our country to be no.1.

Bapu, I wish you would come here to the terrorists,
We are one country, no caste or creed,
Love, respect and tolerance is what we all need.

Bapu, I hope our country keeps progressing
For that we want your blessing.