Poems on Gandhi

Hymn of Gandhi

From the book, 'GANDHIJI'

His life is an endless penance,
Bapu will live among us forever
Spinning wheel is his chord of life,
Let it continue forever in India

In our hearts and in our life,
Its flame may always remain bright!
The monster of weakness that makes us lame,
Be burned off by his soul's pious flame!

May the Sun of truth always shine,
And burn off disappointment and sin!
In the flood of his non-violence and love,
May our nation's miseries dissolve!

He worshipped Ram all his life,
And chanting his name he took our leave!
This small man of greatness high,
Shed his blood and said good-bye!

  • Penance - Voluntary suffering.
  • Strife - Conflict for success.