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  1. Diet and Diet Reform : M. K. Gandhi
  2. Nature Cure : M. K. Gandhi
  3. Key to Health : M. K. Gandhi
  4. The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism : M. K. Gandhi

Bapu's Daily Routine in Sevagram
Bapu's Daily Routine in Sevagram
Morning4.00 a.m.Get up from bed
 4.20 a.m.Morning community prayers, writing, work or rest
 7.00 a.m.Breakfast, Morning walk (about 5 k.m.), Help in Ashram kitchen, Cleaning work, latrine cleaning, Utensils cleaning, Vegetable cutting, wheat grinding, etc.
 8.30 a.m.Visitors, writing or reading work
 9.30 a.m.Oil massage in the sunlight and tub-bath (shaving without glass or soap during tub-bath)
 11.00 a.m.Lunch.
Noon1.00 p.m.Correspondence, visitors
 4.30 p.m.Spinning
Evening5.00 p.m.Evening meals
 6.00 p.m.Evening Prayers (Prayers speech)
 6.30 p.m.Evening walk for some time
 9.00 p.m.Go to bed (He used to complete his pending work on Mondays by keeping silence.)
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