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He alone deserves to be called an inmate of the Ashram who has ceased to have any worldly relation - a relation involving monetary interests-- with his parents or other relatives, who has no other needs save those of food and clothing and who is ever watchful in the observance of the eleven cardinal vows. Therefore he who needs to make savings, should never be regarded as an Ashram inmate.

- M. K. Gandhi

The Last Residence

This cottage which is modern than other cottages and situated near the Ba-Kuti, was built by Jamnalal Bajaj for himself and lived here for a short while. Later this cottage was used by the Ashram. In 1946, Bapu had a severe attack of cough and came up to live in this cottage under doctor's advice to cure his cough. He was taking a Sun-bath in the eastern varandah of this cottage.
On August 25, 1946, Gandhiji left for Delhi from this Cottage and then went to Noakhali. From there he did not return to Sewagram while engaged in his task of communal unity and peace making. He was martyred in Delhi on January 30, 1948. Bapu's wooden weight instrument and donation box are kept on the varandah of this cottage.