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He alone deserves to be called an inmate of the Ashram who has ceased to have any worldly relation - a relation involving monetary interests-- with his parents or other relatives, who has no other needs save those of food and clothing and who is ever watchful in the observance of the eleven cardinal vows. Therefore he who needs to make savings, should never be regarded as an Ashram inmate.

- M. K. Gandhi

Adi Niwas

First Adi Niwas was (Gandhiji's residential hut) founded on the 30th April 1936 when Gandhiji came for walking from Wardha to Sevagram. He first took rest under the guava tree in the guava garden near Ashram well. This was his very first abode in Sevagram. The cottage now called Adi Niwas was built according to Gandhiji's own instructions. It was his wish that all materials and artisans should be local and the expenses should not exceed Rs. 500. Gandhiji came to live in this cottage on June 16th, 1936. Kasturba, Pyarelal (Gandhiji's secretary), other members of the Ashram and guests were living together in this cottage. Gandhiji was doing all his work (reading, writing, spinning etc.) in this cottage. The two small rooms at the corner of the small varandah were the kitchen and bath room. The first meeting of the 'Quit India' movement was held in this cottage in 1942. Opposite to 'Adi Niwas' cottage, the congragational prayer ground is situated under the 'Pipal' tree which was planted by Gandhiji in 1936.