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Gandhi's Life in 5000 words:
From the book 'Mahatma Gandhi - His Life in pictures'

About This Book

First published: March 1954
Forth Edition: March 1987
Printed and Published by :
The Director,
Publication Division Ministry of Information & Broadcasting,
Government of India,
Patiala House,
New Delhi 110 007
Printed at :
The Central Electric Press
Kamla Nagar,
Delhi -110 007

GANDHI - A Pictorial Biography

This is the first pictorial biography of Gandhi in which the narrative-concise, readable and incisive is illustrated with contemporary photographs and facsimiles of letters, newspaper reports and cartoons, adding up to a fascinating flash-back on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and the struggle for Indian freedom led by him. There is a skilful matching in this book of text and illustrations, of description and analysis and of concrete detail and large perspective. This pictorial biography will revive many memories in those who have lived through the Gandhian era; it should also be of interest to the post-independence generation.

A Biography For Children And Beginners

Gandhi Biography For Children And Beginners

About This Book

Written by : Ravindra Varma
First Edition : 1,000 copies, October 2001
Total Copies : 3,000 copies
Price : Rs. 60/-
ISBN : 81-7229-291-6
Printed and Published by :
Navajivan Publishing House