Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-2

A collection of Mahatma Gandhi letters.

Chapter-24: Occult Sciences

To the same. Recorded by M.D. under November 5, 1932

I hope you clearly understood what I meant when I said you should cease to think the body as yours. It is God’s but God has given it to you for the time being to keep it clean and healthy and use it for His service. You are therefore the trustee, not the owner. An owner may abuse or misuse hid property; but a trustee or a keeper has to be very careful and make the best use of the property left under his care. So whilst you must not be anxious about the body, you have to take every care you can of it. God will take it away when He wishes.


Recorded by M. D. under October 30, 1932

You have asked me for my opinion about occult sciences. I am not in love with them. The book of life is poem to the simplest minds and it should be so. There is nothing occult in God’s plan. Anyway the mysterious and the occult have never made any appeal to me. Truth has no secrets, and Truth is God.