Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-2

A collection of Mahatma Gandhi letters.

Chapter-15: Judge Not

If you find X is not behaving properly, you write to me, but don’t worry about it. We should not worry over anything, no matter how important it is or how profoundly it touches us personally, if it has not been assigned to us. This is the teaching of religion in general and the Gita in particular. We must train ourselves to consider nothing as personal or to be absorbed in the allotted task as the only thing personal. If a father is away from his son, the son should not be anxious about his health, but should trust in God to look after him and to use whom he wills as his instruments, The same rule applies even if son is actually with his father but the task of attending upon him has been assigned to another while the son is given something else to do. What is true of the father is equally true of a brother, a sister, the wife or a son. You are in the Ashram to be trained as a worker and to derive whatever benefit you can from the Ashram atmosphere. Being there you will see and here quite a number of thing. And if you do, you bring it to notice of responsible individuals and there your duty ends. This is the only way in which we can live in a society with peace of mind. We would be ruined if we sat in judgment upon every one else besides.