Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-2

A collection of Mahatma Gandhi letters.

Chapter-42: Interpreting Scriptures

Your argument seems to be this. The Gita refers the devotee to Shastravidhi and since the Shastras support it. The question then is : what are Shastras? And I have answered that question by asserting that whatever is contrary to the main theme of the Gita must be rejected as being no Shastra. And since the main theme is oneness and therefore equality of all life there is no warrant for untouchability in the Gita.

Recorded on November 14, 1932; ibid., p.242.


On learning that Professor J.P. Trivedi’s brother's wife Taragauri died in a primus stove accident

Is it too much to except that as a mark of respect to her memory, you will clear your kitchen of all such stoves? If you do so, others too may perhaps follow your lead and the lives of a number of other women may be saved.

Recorded under October 4, 1932; ibid., p. 106.