Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-2

A collection of Mahatma Gandhi letters.

Chapter-53: Gita Doctrine

To Ramdas Gandhi

Do you understand the meaning of Ramagita [an abridgement of the Gita prepared by Gandhiji for Ramdas Gandhi]? The essence of it is devotion (bhakti) and its fruits. Pure devotion must lead to detachment (anasakti) and wisdom (jnana). If it doesn’t, it is not devotion, but mere emotionalism. Wisdom means the power of distinguishing right from wrong. If literally studies fail to invest a person with this power, they are nothing but pedantry. When Ramagita is understood in this sense, it rids us of all anxiety and impatience.

Recorded on December 6, 1932; ibid., p. 307; translated from the Gujarati.