Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-2

A collection of Mahatma Gandhi letters.

Chapter-23: Advice To A Patient

To Arun, Satishbabu's son, who was ill and confined to bed. Recorded by M.D. under October 20, 1932

You must not give way to despair. Even organic defects are known to have been removed or at least brought under control. Proper breathing, proper diet and fresh air aded to the will to be better bring the desired recovery. You should have a living faith in God and know He will keep your body intact so long as He has use for it.
And why do you think that we can serve powerful instrument of service. They serve best who have perfect purity of heart. Indeed we serve so as to attain perfect purity. Thoughts of the pure in heart can do what bodies with corrupt hearts can never do. Therefore in no case have you the slightest cause for despair. Do not seek to prove how thoughts work. Enough for you to believe that they do work and produce mighty results. Therefore always cultivating purity of heart. you should be perfectly at peace, whether you are well in body or not. Will you do this?