Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-1


Chapter-1: Punctuality

Day of silence (Monday)

Sisters, The first thing for me to do after breakfast is to write you a letter. It is now five to seven; you are therefore all on your way to the prayer hall. You have to be punctual in reaching the hall at the fixed time. Those of you who have promised to attend the prayer daily should make it a point to be present except in circumstances beyond your control. I have suggested to Ramniklal that he should explain one or two verse from the Gita every Day. But you are of course free to read something of your own choice. Keep up the habit of writing, and always try to improve your hand. But all these things are not an end in themselves; they are only means to an end. The end is performance of one’s allotted duty. The whole duty of man is to wish well and to do good to others. And as the first step towards discharging it, you should learn to love one another as your own blood sisters, and share one another’s sorrows as well as joys.

Bapu’s blessing